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You have entered the dungeon of maybell's Confidential files. All information posted here is personal and not for you to put elsewhere. I do not guarantee any of the posted information herein to be based in any way on real life or factual information.
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Where should I start? How about my musical tastes. It varies a bit day-to-day but I still have my favourites.

Depeche Mode
(And now in no particular order)
Oingo Boingo, VNV Nation, White Town, REM, Duran Duran, Prodigy, DMN, Pet Shop Boys, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Tears for fears, Front 242, Recoil, KMFDM, Subliminal, Eurythmics, Kate Bush, Siouxsie ATB, Killian, Garbage, Apoptygma Berzerk, Chemical Brothers, Smashing Pumpkins, Cranberries, Cerebral, Kraftwerk, Rob Zombie, New Order...

I'm a big movie nut, especially horror and sci-fi movies. Some favs include the Star Wars films(sad, I know), The Birds, Johnny Mneumonic, anything Tim Burton(Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scizzorhands, Batman 1&2, Nightmare Before Christmas..), Ladyhawke, City of lost Children, Those Vincent Prices masterpieces, Bladerunner, The Matrix, Dune (hey, a sci-fi flick with Sting himself!), The Abyss, 12 Monkeys, The Heathers, Spaceballs, Road Warrior, (I cant think of any others right now!). I think Brazil will be on this list soon, it sounds/looks VERY interesting yet I have to watch it...

And now for tv shows.....'The Sight' is a USA network made-for-tv-movie that will hopefully have its own series soon. I hate those teen-flicks that everyone raves about. Just because I happen to be a teenager(not for long!) does not mean I have to enjoy those kind of films...bleh. My favourite channel on t.v. would be the sci-fi channel, although I rarely do watch it. Farscape has been a favourite of mine for a loooong time. Shows like the Twilight zone(or the Night Gallery), Invisible Man... Ooo, and the sci-fi series for Dune was pretty good. I cant forget the Bravo channel for cool films, and Comedy Central for Whose line is it, anyway? and Absolutely Fabulous which will be returning soon!

I'm into reading, although I rarely find the time to. Right now I'm getting into Kafka and Sue Grafton's mystery collection, and I'm really enjoying it. I only read the sci-fi or mysteries, but once in a while I'll pick of something on the paranormal(or read it online). I simply dont understand romance novels, my mom reads them and she's says that they are either bad or disgusting. She still reads them to this day.
I'm took a really cool Sci-Fi Horror Fiction course last semester, and we've read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Bram Stoker's Dracula. Both are excellent! I'm not sure why I havent read them before... Recently I got some H.P. Lovecraft and when I get the time that'll be my next read!

I'm not really sure if I have any hobbies, besides sleeping as much as possible. I love chocolate: so much it sorta scares me! Oh, and pickles. Pickles with chocolate sauce: can we say yummy! I collect plastic knives. I have almost 500 (I'm getting there, dont worry!!) oh, and door wedges. Em! you have my wedges!!

I also enjoy yelling random things out of car windows. And causing paranoia to people that I have chats with online. I dont go overboard, trust me. No murders.

Oh, I also paint, draw, and sculpt, and those sort of things. I also do freehand henna mehdi art; its that temporary tatoo stuff from India. It looks similar to a cow pie and smells... interesting. Still: It's fun to do, and even more fun to have someone pay me to have it done to them!

I collect quotes from my friends/hapless bystanders/random people off the streets and write them in my Quotes Book. You can see the start of that at my Quotes Book Page

Wednesday Addams - 12 year old daughter of Gomez and Morticia. She is described to the police as: "Wears her hair in long dark braids, has the most innocent face, and likes to carry a scalpel". Once she played Pocahontas ad-libbed during a Thanksgiving play. She said:
"Wait, we can not break bread with you. You have taken the land which is rightfully ours. Years from now my people will be forced to live in mobile homes on reservations. Your people will wear cardigans, and drink highballs. We will sell our bracelets by the road sides, and you will play golf. My people will have pain and degradation. Your people will have stick shifts. The gods of my tribe have spoken. "
Gomez: Children, why do you hate the baby?
Pugsley: We don't hate him. We just wanna play with him.
Wednesday: Especially his head.

Alan Wilder - Creater of Recoil and former member of Depeche Mode. Owns 15 leather jackets. "Perhaps my own personal moral code allows me to release any disturbing sides of my nature through music. Part of the reason I think my music veers so much towards the darker side of life is because it is so fascinating."
What was/is your favourite hair spray?
Elnette by Loreal - because I'm worth it.
What do you think about dead?
"Dead what? Dead mice, flies, wasps and Radio 1 discjockeys - great! Dead picture on my TV screen when I'm trying to watch the footy or cricket - no laughing matter......"
What other names did you consider before Recoil? Was 'Afghanistan Banana Stand' one of them?
"What are they, downers.....uppers?"

Daria Morgendorfer - Your typical teenager. "Unlike the majority of teenage girls, I am content with my looks. I long ago accepted the fact that I'll never get to carry a sign around a boxing ring announcing the number of the next round. And tragic though it may be, I'll have to find another dream.
It's ironic, the way we never know how we appear to others. For instance, my market research team tells me I come off as a cranky, know-it-all curmudgeon.
Distant, aloof, and arrogant. Cynical, negative, and smug.
And -- as bizarre as this may sound -- some people apparently feel this is a bad thing."
"I don't have low self-esteem, I have low self-esteem for everyone else."

Johnny Depp - Amazing actor(and musician!) who went from selling pens to acting, and has played roles such as Edward Scissorhands, Gilbert Grape, Donnie Brasco, Ichabod Crane, Don Juan and Ed Wood. "I don't want to be stared at while I'm mowing my lawn. I want to wake up and have coffee and wander in my yard nude, or dressed as Abe Lincoln if I feel like it." He was immortalized Hollywood Blvd and received the Honorary Cesar Award!
"I used to think, maybe you could do it in the middle of the States, Colorado or somewhere. But no. Not when you've got cretins going into schools and shooting children. This country is out of control. It's become dirty. I think it's imploding."
"Just because I'm not destroying myself with substances; doesn't mean I'm Mr. Conformity now."
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For the moment I cant think of anything else to write. Too bad for you.
As you might have figured out, everything is under construction.
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