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My cat asked me to make a web page for her (well, not really, but pretend!) So here goes...

Name: Magda Elena
Age: less than 1 year
Occupation: Sleeper, eater, one who rolls off of everything
Claws: VERY sharp and they hook on everthing
Voice: Annoying and loud
Weight: Overweight, she's got a pooch
Favourite Food: Dog food
Hobbies: Eating dog food, sleeping, clawing me, following me around, playing with Stosh, losing her collars, tearing up the bannister, eating paper, eating garbage, flipping out, creeping outside at night, and talking.
Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite spot to sleep: Currently, a shirt sitting on my floor. Otherwise, my bed, my lap, or anywhere else where it would be inconvenient for me.
Quote: "MAAAAAAaaaaaa MMMMAAAaaaaaaaa"
Family: One brother, Stosh (he eats crackers and peas)
Favourite Costume: See below

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