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Dig your own grave and save!

Hot topic Weird place, but fun nonetheless.
DragonWeave Expensive jewelry stuff.
Glam Name Maker Make a GLAM name! Okay, thats sort of lame...
Daria Daria. Yep.
Atomic Pop Music, info, cheap. VERY nice.
My Sonic Radio I like it... :)
Tim Burton His site, not up as far as I know, but try:
StainBoy Tim's recent creation.
eBay Must... not... buy... stuff...
Haiku-O-Matic I could watch for hours..
Government Search Engine Try it!
You? Mars? Yep! Put your name on Mars.
Emily Strange Very cool.
Sleepy Hollow The movie.
The Pyramid Collection Gifts Cool Stuff.
Dee Dreslough's Art Gallery Sci-Fi, Fantasy, you name it.
Wacky HTML Frightening...
Imagination got any?
More Fantasy/Sci-Fi Art
Yummy Recipes! Trust me...
Flat Earth Society Join up! I did (not).
Save The Vegitables! Vegitable slaughter???
pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Just click on it....
Nicole Blackman's site Poetry and more.
The Horni Green Page Very cool! ;)
Alastair's page You just have to see!
Ducky's page Stories, jokes, and stolen graphics!!
Freaky Links If none of mine have suited you!
I am a psycho magnet

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