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The Spanish Inquisition.

Maybe not an inquisition, but certainly an adventure. 'Twas the summer of 98, when myself and a bunch of other kooks embarked on a legendary adventure to another country, in which the only words we could say in their native tongue were "bathroom" and "beer". All the rest I forgot as soon as I stepped on Spanish ground.

The flight there, British Airlines to London. One of the greatest highlights of this trip came early, and on this plane. It was Benjamin the Brit. Sneaking photos of this guy whilst he was in the cabin proved to be a difficult task! And those old ladies in front of us certainly didnt help! Now I didnt quite enjoy his company as did the person sitting next to me did. You know who you are. ;)

"Tea or coffee" was said between us two god knows how many times, and probably popped up on that tape recorder more times than "TURBULENCE!" did! Well, probably not...

This was the flight were I "obtained" one of those blankets, hey its warm! And it's in my car now...

The little sugar activity proved to be QUITE fun as well, although did have its drawbacks...

Yuk. Speaking of drawbacks... I present you with the Hick Women from who knows where! Evidently they were tagging along on a few class trips as "supervisors" for their kids, I guess.

Yeah, right! The only things that they were even a little involved with was their shopping and their wardrobe from a bad 80's video. It was a walking gossip quartet and they complained, bragged, bought ugly stuff and wore it too.

I guess it wasnt too bad, after all I didnt have to talk or be friends with any of them. I just had to stand their voices in small enclosed places!!!!!!!! Beleive me, one is bad but thats nothing compared to an army of them. Go back to bingo, ladies....

Well, the locals are pretty friendly there though. I guess when they see young people not knowing what they are doing and where they are going or what to say it kinda makes you sick out. Thats when they hit you up for money! It happened a little more in Morocco (a short side-trip) and near churches and tourist traps. TRAP.

But really, most everyone speaks English, I because tourism is a major market there and it helps us American twits. The exchange rate is pretty nice too.

There's tons to see there, and even more to do if you youre creative. Now, I was going to post pictures of our Toga party but I figured it would be an easy means of blackmail if someone got the picture from my site.

But back to the toga party.... which was fun and crafty, er, ah, I cant remember doing much at that actually. It was just me and two other people wearing bed sheets around the hotel room.

Later that night, we were just kinda blobbing around in the room, our togas falling apart and us tired as ever. Then suddenly this kid starts running through our room toward the window! EEK! I'm sure glad my toga wasnt completely off myself at that moment! That kid ran right by us and out the window. Yep, he had to go balcony-hopping because their key got locked in the room. Again. This key-loking-in trend continued for much of the trip.

So instead of toga pics, I'm showing a Roman relic that is somewhere in Southern Spain. Dont ask me exactly, I forgot most everything the moment I arrived back home.

After a delay in the flight by just over one day, through Philidelphia and Pennsilvania and having to sit between two old men on the way home.

Finally, I had made it back alive, unscarred (physically) and penniless from the Spanish Inquisition.

High School Excitement

Oh, yeah, QUITE exciting. Only if you take out 90% of your classes and semester testing. However, it was an experience worth having, and visiting a place as unique as THE HOLE has inspired me for life.

Art class was one of my favourite classes that I had during my high school career. Somehow I feel more could have been done, but would that have been fun? Nope! Although I was not always productive, it very much so fun especially when in search of the Bubble People, Kids in Cages and in the observations of the construction of the legendary and magnificent Head Of Bowie.

What else was fun, besides pudding and tater-tot sculptures and knife fights? Hmmm, thats a tough one. I dont know, what do you think? Whoops, there I go talking to myself again :P. Anyway, Government was fun at times, especially when I angered a Jehovah's Witness during my speech on Cults. So was History, Creative Fiction, certainly Stage and Drama (BERT!) and not to mention Lunch.

The Sacrificial plate during was always a fun, nifty and creative project that was essentially a group effort. In fact, all of Lunch was great. Many MANY quotes originated from then. I miss those raw cookies that they sold, too, regardless of how overpriced they were.

The time before class started was interesting, with all of us blobbing around and barely awake and all that fun stuff.

The Box of Death.

It was a typical Denny's adventure. Late, late, night; too much coffee; quotes galore and a car without heat.

Even though we interrupted Em's sister at 2 am and she didnt get to finish Anime sex-dream, she decided to come with us. So, we headed to Denny's. It was fairly fun, and a lot of quotes were had, but the real fun was to come. Afterward we decided to go to someone's house, hoping that barging in at 5-6am wouldnt put him in a foul mood.

We watched some TV, talked some, wrote down a few quotes. OK, a lot of quotes. Em's sister was convinced that there were "more men than fish in the sea" and "I'm sorry little came out but i wanted to meet your friend.". Then again, Em said, "I move my breast and ask if I have any shoes on." while Mere said,"If you say 'depth perception' wrong it's 'death procession'" and I said at one time, 'Did you know the blue isnt actually moon?". Dont ask, thats why they are quotes.

So, travelling home at who knows what time, I discovered that whilst driving in the dark you can pay the ultimite price.... YOUR LIFE! (well, maybe, not really) Mere was driving and I noticed an object in the distance. I thought "ujbvfhgbv" because I was really tired I couldnt process actual thoughts. So, with a *THUMP* we hit it! We thought that we would run it over, but then the dragging sound eminated, and then the laughter did.

The box, according to Em's sister, was "a sex addict" and worried that the box would be lonely/and/or/horny without a car. Nevertheless, we had to drive into a parking lot (the bank!) and remove the Box Of Death. We have actual photographic evidence so that no one thinks us crazy. It really happened! I swear.

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